What Type of Equipment do Video Captioners need?

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All The Captioning Equipment You Need

By choosing the video subtitling software, tools or editors that best fit your needs and working style, you can save a lot of effort and energy to complete your captions and subtitles in a shorter amount of time. So, what type of equipment do video captioners need to start their career?

You need hardware and software when it comes to video captioning and there is software you can download or software you use online. We have complied a list to make it easier for you:

1. Laptop/Computer & Headphones

2. Otter.ai

3. Amara Subtitle Editor

4. Jubler

5. Visual SubSync

Keep reading and find out what you need to make your captioning career flourish!

What Type of Equipment do Video Captioners Need?

What type of Equipment Do Video Captioners Need?

1. Laptop/Computer & Headphones

You have to have a laptop or computer if you want a career in video captioning with a good internet caption. You watch and type out the captions or subtitles on your laptop or computer.

Investing in a great set of headphones is highly recommended! You need to be able to hear every word accurately to be able to type of the captions.  


2. Otter.ai

Otter.ai is a smooth running app and you don’t have to download it. This online app very generous to it’s free uses.

Each free user get 600 minutes of high quality, professional machine transcription every month. The output is very precise compared to most of the machine-transcription tools available online.

Otter.ai’s software can identify voices and weed out unnecessary noise. After using Otter to generate a transcript from a video, all we needed to do afterward was fix peoples’ names, correct some technical terms, and that was it!

The second benefit of using Otter.ai is that you don’t need to monitor the transcribing. Just upload your audio or video file and the audio processing starts for you. One of our favorite things about Otter.ai is just how accurate it is. It can pick up pauses, ends of sentences, and the difference between questions and statements.

It takes less that a minute to sign up, upload your video and get started!

What Type of Equipment do Video Captioners Need?

What type of Equipment Do Video Captioners Need?

3. Amara Subtitle Editor

The all-powerful and all-knowing online subtitle editor is Amara

Amara has been around for more that ten years and it’s one of the few cloud-based subtitle editors with a free version still available. 

With Amara, you can start subtitling immediately without having any subtitling experience.

Amara also saves you a lot of time with many keyboard shortcuts, such as using the up and down arrow keys to sync subtitles to your video while it’s playing. During this syncing stage, Amara automatically adds time-codes to your subtitles for closed captioning. This is important if you need a file with properly formatted time-codes for playback. There are also different playback modes for beginners and experts so that the video plays at a speed that best suits you. 

To start, go to Amara’s subtitle creation page, scroll to “subtitle a video” and paste the link of your video. Once you’ve hit “Begin,” all that’s left to do is click “Add a new language” on the screen and follow the prompts to start captioning. When you’re done, publish it!


4. Jubler

Jubler is a completely free captioning software that you download.

This software has a Windows and OS version for Mac, and it gives you more flexibility to choose a font family, size, color, and outline for captions.

Jubler also presents visual caption bars on the video timeline, but it’s purely for presentation; you can’t move/trim/adjust caption time codes using these caption bars.

5. VisualSubSync

VisualSubSync subtitle software is another closed caption maker software featuring visualized audio waveforms, and works well for those who prefer to use waveforms. It also includes the video for visual context, so you can still add descriptive text to your captions.

Unlike other softwares, VisualSubSync does have the time-saving option of allowing you to select a waveform and create a caption directly with that certain timestamp.

All you have to do is right click -> create subtitle. This is a much more convenient workflow.

You can also zoom in and out of the audio wave to better target a caption’s timestamp.

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What type of Equipment Do Video Captioners Need?


There are many types of free software equipment you can download or use online. Mentioned above are the best free online and software you can download! 

Besides the software, don’t forget your hardware, without a laptop or a computer and headphones, you cannot get a job and start your career. So, get going!

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