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  • Language

    Your English grammar skills are excellent and you scored in the top 20% of applicants

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    You are in the right country. Video captioners from your country are in high demand.

  • Equipment

    You have a laptop or desktop computer with internet connection, which is essential for this career.

Your skills are in high demand

You possess the right skills for earning a sustainable income online. Especially because you scored so highly in the English section of our assessment. 

If you are interested in becoming a professional video captioner and earning $1540+ per month online, then you’re in the right place. We help skilled people such as yourself become professional video captioners and transcribers. 

We’ve helped 3000+ students become professional, certified video captioners and pursue their dreams of earning a living from home, or anywhere in the world.

Become a pro video captioner

Recent estimates from Youtube show that 720,000 hours of video content is uploaded every day to YouTube. 

Youtube estimates that this number will double by the end of 2022. These numbers show you just how large the video market is currently. Video captioning and transcription are some of the most in-demand services in 2021/2022 and this will only continue to sky-rocket as video platforms grow.  

Video captioners can easily earn $1500+ per month with the right skills, knowledge and job contacts. 

There are numerous additional benefits that come with becoming a video captioner, including:

How much can you earn?

2 hours per day = $600/month

4 hours per day = $1200/month

8 hours per day = $2400/month

Become a Video Captioner

Get lifetime access to our full video course plus access to our jobs portal where you can find hiring companies.

The ultimate course for learning video captioning and subitles

Go from A-Z and start earning

Course Duration

7-14 days to complete

Course Level

Beginner friendly

Course Content

Our course is in video format

What will you learn?

9 sections - 42 lectures - 2h 26m total length

  • What Subtitles and Captions are

  • The difference between Captions and Subtitles

  • How to make an income as a video captioner

  • Offline vs Closed Captions

  • How to format Captions and Subtitles

  • How to create great Captions

  • Examples of good and bad Captions

  • How to Transcribe a video

  • How to prepare Captions with Desktop tools

  • How to prepare Captions with online tools

  • How to translate videos into many different languages

We've helped 3000+ students

3000+ people have successfully become pro video captioners thanks to our program.

Really informative video course. The instructor is so easy to understand and you can tell these guys have been making money from this for many years.
Adam Crawford
Excellent course! Very informative, lots of work was put into it! Greatly delivered, understandable explanations. Jobs portal was very helpful too. Thank you very much!
Amy Montañez
Well structured information, interesting and engaging. This course is exactly what I needed. Can't wait to put my new skills into action and start earning. Thank you!
Sarah Alexander
As advertised, this really is "all you need to know" to begin to caption/subtitle your videos. Clearly and concisely, the instructor discusses the different types of captions/subtitles, and reviews editing techniques and tools. Start here...and end here. This is the course you need.
Types of Captioning
Marc Cleven

Taught By Experts

Our course was created by professional video captioners with years of experience in the industry. Go from A-Z in video captioning and transcription.

Online & Self Paced

Gain lifetime access to our course and complete the course at your leisure. Our course is accessed online, so you can conveniently watch the lessons on any device.

Job Contacts

When you enroll in our course, we provide you with lifetime access to our jobs portal which contains companies that are actively hiring video captioners and transcribers

Gain A Certification

Upon completion of our video course, each student is provided with an industry-recognized certification that can be added to a resume for a professional boost

  • Earn $1540+/month

    Our video captioners earn $50+ per day

  • Work Online At Home

    Video captioners can work online from anywhere.

  • Work Your Own Hours

    Make up your own schedule as long as deadlines are met.

Course Overview

9 sections - 42 lectures - 2h 26m total length

  • Introduction

    This section gives you an overview about the sections and lessons of this course. It shows the idea behind the course. We tell you, which lessons are the most important and which you might even skip, if you just want to start subtitling.

  • Defining Captions And Subtitles

    What are captions? This lesson is a definition so that all of you know what exactly we are talking about. We'll also learn about subtitles in practice.

  • Theory- About Subtitles and Closed Captions

    In this section you will learn about the benefits of subtitles and captions as well as the differences between the two. You will learn the most important subtitle formats and how to add captions to video streams in real time.

  • Guidelines - Nice and Clean Captions

    Here, you will learn about the guidelines on the various video platforms. We'll go into depths about language, spelling, grammar, punctuation and style guides.

  • Preparation - Transcribe Your Video

    This section will teach you how to transcribe videos using free tools. You will also learn about the importance of transcription and why we use transcription for captioning and subitles.

  • The Offline Way - Manual Captioning

    This section will teach you how to manually prepare captions using free desktop tools.

  • The Subtitle Track - Integrate Captions Into Your Video File

    This section will focus on how to introduce captions into your video files. We will learn about adding various file formats and the difference between open captions and closed captions.

  • The Online Method

    Here, we will cover how to caption videos manually and automatically online. We show you how to caption videos for Youtube, Udemy, Rev.com, Amara.org and many more video platforms.

  • Translation 101

    We will learn how to appeal to an international market, thereby opening up more captioning jobs. Translation is an in-demand service and here, we will show you how to translate videos into many different languages using captions.

Go from zero to job-ready

Get lifetime access to our full video course plus access to our jobs portal where you can find hiring companies.

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Once you have enrolled in our Video Captioning course you will receive a username and password for our student portal. Inside the student portal, you can access the course materials and videos. The course includes:

  • 42 hours of Step-by-step video lectures
  • Industry tips and strategies for earning money with video captioning
  • An exclusive list of companies that are actively hiring video captioners

Once you have completed the course, you can start applying the earning strategies that we teach. We also have a list of companies that are actively hiring video captioners, so you can find a job right away. Video captioners are typically paid by PayPal or Direct transfer.

Our course consists of 42 video lectures and a helpful folder of practice files. The course typically takes 7-14 to complete.

No, there are no additional costs for becoming a video captioner.

Yes there is! Once you have completed each of the 42 videos, you will receive an industry recognised certification.

What will you get from this course?