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Become An Online Video Captioner

Are you looking for a reliable income stream that can be done from your laptop, anywhere in the world? 

Whether you’re looking for a break from your 9 to 5 job, are a stay-at-home parent, or you simple want to add an additional income stream to your finances – then this could be an opportunity for you. 

What Are Video Captions?

There is a specific skill that has sky-rocketed in demand throughout the past few years; video captioning. 

But what are video captions? 

Well, let’s say for example you are on the bus and you’re watching a video on your phone. The bus is very noisy and you can’t hear the video, plus you left your earphones at home. 

Without subtitles or captions, you would be stuck and frustrated. However – with the help of subtitles, you can now enjoy the video and understand what is happening, regardless of the audio volume.

Video captioning is the process of writing video captions and subtitles for videos. Video captioning services have become one of the most in-demand online services on the internet for 2021. 

A recent lawsuit against Netflix has resulted in the court determining that online spaces are also public spaces and should accommodate those with disabilities such as hearing impairment and auditory sensory problems. This means that video captions and subtitles are now required by law in several countries.

Captions are necessary because they help people with:

The Best Online Career

For anyone with listening and typing skills

Earn an income online by captioning videos for large companies like Netflix, Udemy, CNN and Twitch.

What is required?

Because subtitles and captions are now required by law for most video streaming platforms – professional video captioners are in high demand. 

Captions and subtitles must be typed by professional video captioners who are aware of grammar, context, and accents. 

Due to the high demand, video captioning jobs are readily available which means that if you work just a few hours per day, you could earn $1500+ per month. 

Simply put, there is a growing demand for well-written subtitles, yet there are not enough professionals who possess the technical and linguistical skills to fill these positions. The job opportunities in this field are enormous.

Video Captioners need to meet the following requirements:

Score high paying work

Without prior experience or qualifications

Video captioners and transcribers are in high demand. With video content taking over the internet, companies across the globe now rely on professional video captioners and transcribers each day.

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